Target - Targét Everyday


Targét Everyday

It’s not every brand that gets a nickname as cool as ours. So hey, what can we say? It’s totally okay. Instead of Target, call us Targét.

The Targét campaign gave us a chance to join a cultural conversation and show guests we share their sense of humor. We created nearly two hundred individual concepts, or vignettes, all based on words or phrases that rhyme with Targét. Then we edited together customized chains of vignettes for every individual audience and media buy.

We took over massive, multi-panel displays in Times Square and high traffic locations across the country. We set the campaign to a soundtrack of iconic artists like Chaka Khan and Carly Rae Jepsen. And we even gave the brand’s beloved logo a Targét twist by putting an accent over the bullseye. In the end sales went up and we got to a story of cross-aisle style like only Target can.