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Wrangler On My Booty

When Lil Nas X, a young black artist, had a viral country hit with the song “Old Town Road,” the gatekeepers of country music didn’t welcome him. Country Music Billboard removed him and his hit song from the charts, saying it wasn’t “country enough.”

We disagreed. So we brought a brand with well-established country credentials into the conversation. We partnered Lil Nas X with Wrangler jeans, a controversial move that invited this perceived outsider into authentic country culture, and told the world that Lil Nas X is “country enough” for one of the most iconic cowboy brands in America.

The partnership included a Wrangler X Lil Nas X capsule collection, which sold out and was restocked multiple times.

We launched the partnership with WranglerOnMyBooty.com, a mobile experience that invited owners of Wrangler jeans to scan their Wrangler booties to unlock exclusive content from the just-released “Old Town Road” music video. Over 26,000 people scanned their booties within the first 48 hours.

Suddenly, a traditional, western brand was being celebrated and defended by an entirely new consumer base. Tech, news, business, fashion and cultural publications covered the various dimensions of the campaign. And the old gatekeepers of country didn’t stand a chance.

It’s worth noting that in just under four weeks we had concept, buy-off, tech development, collection design, production and final release, all with in a super tight budget.