Insta Novels Awarded at D&AD

Our first guiding rule is to make good work that makes our moms proud. With that in mind, it’s always an honor to see our creativity, clients, and people recognized by some of the industry’s leading voices.

At this year’s D&AD Awards, The New York Public Library’s “Insta Novels” took home an incredible 2 Graphite and 2 Wood Pencils. The project was also shortlisted in the Direct Innovation and Use of Digital & Social Media categories. We want to thank our clients at The Library and all of our partners who helped bring the project to life.

Target’s “Tarzhay My Way” campaign was also recognized with a shortlist in Branding Campaign & Identity.

A big congratulations to Mother London who also had a strong showing for its work with Greenpeace “Rang-tan”, which took home 1 Yellow and 3 Wood Pencils. KFC’s work for “Crossroads” also took home 2 Wood Pencils.

Thank you to everyone who helped bring these dreams to life.

See the full list of winners here.