Our Commitments + Actions For Racial Justice

All of Mother

Acknowledges the pain of Black people around the world.

Acknowledges that there is systemic oppression which we have been complicit to.

Acknowledges that there are divisive institutions that were designed to not be equitable.

Acknowledges that not being racist is not the same as being anti-racist.

Acknowledges that good intentions are no substitute for measureable commitments.

We understand all lives can’t matter until Black Lives Matter.

We understand we need a fundamental shift in culture. We can’t write a deck and check a few boxes.  We need to explicitly challenge ourselves, the way in which things have always been done in the past, and strive to build safer spaces for cultural change. This is how we create a new system – with complete openness to challenging everything, big and small.  We are committed to doing better.

Here are some of the areas we are working on:

1) Increase diverse representation at all levels, across all departments.  

Our own data shows us the hard truth. We must hire, nurture, and elevate diverse talent through new and non-traditional sources.

2) Educate and train our employees on bias, inclusion, diversity and equity.

Creating an environment that encourages courageous conversations and an unlearning of our unconscious bias.

3) Select clients and make work that reflects our values.

Through an unwavering values statement for all clients, and the investment in creative ideas that meaningfully support diverse communities.

4) Promote + amplify voices.

By expanding and empowering new and existing employee-led community groups, mentor programs, and leadership training.

5) Take a stand on every dollar.

Through a reexamination of our network of directors, producers, vendors, casting agents, and other partners.

6) Directly invest in Black and other marginalized communities.

Through sustainable equity in our physical spaces, donation matching, and flexible PTO for activism, mental health, and various other democratic practices.

We understand none of this matters without complete transparency and public accountability, which is why we are committed to regularly sharing our progress publicly.

We are committed to giving this long-term change our all.  Not some. Not a little. All.