- Andbox


Andbox is an esports organization that embraces the relentless energy of competitive gaming and New York City alike. Through fielding professional teams like Overwatch League’s NYXL, creating desirable apparel collections with renowned designers, and hosting experiences throughout the city, Andbox’s mission is to be a cultural conduit that fuels and elevates all aspects of the gaming world.

Our goal in naming the organization was to create something that could act as a platform for their range of unique offerings as well as feel at home in NYC and the gaming community. The name Andbox is derived from the term ‘sandbox’, which in gaming refers to an open-world environment that allows players to roam freely and explore. The identity itself plays off the same core idea, a canvas for a new kind of creativity, one that is constantly evolving, adapting and growing. The design system draws equal inspiration from gaming as it does NYC, based on a square grid, modular yet highly energetic. The graphic language is a vibrant celebration of convergence, by colliding gaming, culture and creativity.

From the start we knew apparel and merchandise were to be a major aspect of the brand. Throughout the process we designed and tested ideas across product, working closely with the consumer products team and specifically the creative directors from Public School, to influence the capsule collection for launch.

Andbox signals a new era for esports, and Mother Design will continue to collaborate with them as they transform the gaming world.