Stella Artois - Change Up The Usual

Stella Artois

Change Up The Usual

Thanks to Stella Artois’ partnership with, every pour of Stella can help give access to clean water to someone in need. That’s a pretty good reason to change up the usual.

To break our message into culture, we brought back two beloved characters, The Dude and Carrie Bradshaw, and got them to change up their signature drinks for Stella Artois.

We kicked off the campaign with unbranded teasers released directly onto Sarah Jessica Parker and Jeff Bridges’s social accounts, suggesting the return of their past characters.

The internet went wild. Media outlets immediately picked up the stories, but nobody had put them together — yet.

Just as the fan frenzy reached its peak, we dropped a world-colliding Super Bowl commercial that no one saw coming. Of course, it was all for a good cause—but that wasn’t the only interesting twist. See it here.

After stirring up conversation all over the world, we took to the streets with billboards and murals featuring our celebs in character, each opting for Stella Artois over their old usuals.