Target - Targét Everyday


Targét Everyday

It’s a discovery that turns an ordinary moment into an extraordinary one. It’s a feeling so good that consumers gave it a name – Targét.

But with competitors trying to get rid of in-store shopping for good, Target needed to put a stake in culture and remind people of the irreplaceable magic of shopping at Target.

So, we created a fall style campaign to evoke that very spirit. The colorful, poptimistic visuals are all accompanied with words that rhyme with Targét—without Target ever explicitly saying the word.

We premiered a :30 anthem film during the 70th Primetime Emmy Awards. And, because it isn’t a Target commercial without an iconic track, we partnered with funk/soul legend Chaka Khan to spread the Targét feeling with her latest single, “Like Sugar.”

We adapted the campaign to Target’s spanish-speaking audience using hispanic insights and iconic pop culture moments, with our spots all set to the smash hit “Medicina” by Anitta.

We also extended the campaign to billboards and murals in one of Target’s biggest OOH buys ever.

And we showed up in pop culture. So fetch.

The results? Everyone LOVED it. It sparked a huge conversation on social, and the comments are still pouring in…